RetailTech™- IOT Innovation will tell you your customer flow and existing customer potential.



are your customers moving.


do customer peak points occur. 

How many

customers are moving during the day, week or month at selected hot spots. 

RetailTech™- IOT Innovation

Makes it possible to recognize customers stopping in selected endings of shelves, coolers and racks – will it work or not?

RetailTech is beneficial for you, because it:

1. Facilitates significantly the work of promoters and sales people.

2. Shows the efficiency of marketing campaigns - increasing or decreasing - 
does promoting work as it should?

3. Gives you awareness of the situation.

RetailTech™- IOT Innovation

1. Monitors the end of the shelves or used placement.

2. Shows you customer activity 24/7 (retail, brand owner).

3. Learns from big and smart data and analyses it.

4. Shows you biggest customer flow and thus the biggest sales potential.

5. Gives brand owners knowledge for planning store fillings and avoid no sales.

About Us

Thorough studies and customer interviews helped us to understand customers real needs.

We would like to provide a partnership with forward thinking. We are a smart technology company, who values transparency and innovations and understands the futuristic potential IoT technology has. With RetailTech™ Innovation we will help you to understand more of your customers behavior. You are able to make better decisions and earn more profit.

Our solution knows

How many customers are passing & stopping at end caps


How many customers took product from end caps


What is the best place for products to sell more


We know - when, where and how many customers are moving in certain places. And we would like to tell it to you.


You will make more profit using RetailTech deep knowledge.

Data Analysis

RetailTech solution is a cloud-based ecosystem which uses algorithms. We will get a lot of data and analyse it thoroughly.

You will get to know your customers movements by every hour, every day, every month and every year.

Custom Reports

You will get exact knowledge: where, when and how many customers are moving around product shelves and on the whole at shopping center.

Longer you use Retailtech solution, more deeper knowledge and analysis you will get. You will understand better your customer flow and potential customer management.

Automatic Alerts

You will always be informed when there are significant changes in customer activity.

You will be up to date all the time. You are able to react quickly to a rapidly changing situation.