RetailTech™- IOT Innovation will tell you your customer flow and existing customer potential.



are your customers moving.


do customer peak points occur. 

How many

customers are moving during the day, week or month at selected hot spots. 

RetailTech™- IOT Innovation

Makes it possible to recognize customers stopping in selected endings of shelves, coolers and racks – will it work or not?

RetailTech is beneficial for you, because it:

1. Facilitates significantly the work of promoters and sales people.

2. Shows the efficiency of marketing campaigns - increasing or decreasing - 
does promoting work as it should?

3. Gives you awareness of the situation.

RetailTech™- IOT Innovation

1. Monitors the end of the shelves or used placement.

2. Shows you customer activity 24/7 (retail, brand owner).

3. Learns from big and smart data and analyses it.

4. Shows you biggest customer flow and thus the biggest sales potential.

5. Gives brand owners knowledge for planning store fillings and avoid no sales.